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Prairie Lights Productions is a filmmaking and distribution arm of the Prairie Lights Film Festvial. Check back soon for updates and be sure to like our facebook page!

In Production for 2016


NickLemayBloodModelWe’re excited to reveal the first official image from BLOOD MODEL, a short film that was made September 2, 3, and 4th right here in Nebraska!

Prairie Lights Productions is excited to announce our first production: BLOOD MODEL!

The film tells the story of a group of struggling artists who begin disappearing during a life-modeling class. Will they discover the secret before it’s too late? Follow the production at Prairie Lights Productions facebook page!


BLOOD MODEL is the first of 10 short films that will comprise CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE, a new horror anthology that is the sequel to the critically acclaimed indie horror film SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE!

The film shoots in August and will hopefully be ready to premiere at this year’s Prairie Lights Film Festival! Keep checking back for updates!





Releasing July 2016!

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FLAT WATER TERRORS is a collection of 6 short horror films made right here in Nebraska by Nebraska filmmakers! Volume 1 of an ongoing anthology series, soon to be followed by Volume 2 World Premiering at this year’s Prairie Lights Film Festival, this collection of terrifying tales is designed to showcase the broad spectrum of filmmaking talent here and Nebraska and to benefit Nebraska film organizations to help strengthen our cinematic community!

All profits from the sale of this bluray will be donated to various Nebraska film organizations chosen by the filmmakers!

Blurays will be $20 and contain all 6 films, as well as some behind the scenes, outtakes, and audio commentary tracks from select entries. Here’s a quick run down of each film:

  • MIDNIGHT KISS d. Aaron Gum (Skullduggery Theatre Films): An animated tale of terror in the tradition of EC Comics as a beautiful woman plots to knock off her husband on New Year’s Eve night.
  • NO EXIT d. Dorothy Booraem (Unfiltered Entertainment): A group of strangers are locked in a room for 7 days on a reality television show for a chance to win one million dollars, but will they survive each other?
  • LEGEND OF PINE ACRES d. Chad Bishoff (Slate Entertainment): College campers are terrorized by a sadistic cult member who is out to make them pay.
  • ONE MORE TIME FOR THE CAMERA d. Nate Coulombe (Splitsville Productions): While investigating a gruesome crime scene, two detectives discover a camcorder that documents a loving couple’s final moments.
  • EMILY d Joshua Weixelman and Tyler Schmid (Midnight Fright Films):  Years after her brutal murder, a mystery writer seeks to pen the tale of the ghostly Emily.
  • A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY d. Mathew Kister (Dead Lantern Pictures) : It’s Christmas Eve, 1987 and an escaped mental patient dressed as Santa is on the prowl for a theatre full of fashion victims.

Big shoutout to Heather Waite of Evil Forest FX for designing the bluray packaging and for contributing to many of the short films on this collection!

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