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Special Guest Announcement: James Ficenec, Director of IN THE DARK to appear at PLFF!

jamesficenecWe’re excited to announce that James Ficenec, director of IN THE DARK, will be attending the Prairie Lights Film Festival and taking part in the short filmmaker Q&A session taking place Saturday afternoon after the short film block!

James Ficenec is a writer/director operating out of Omaha, NE. His work includes the short films YOUR TURN and IN THE DARK. His next short, JUST LIKE HIM, was shot in Superior, NE and is in post-production.

James will be one of a number of filmmakers to be announced in the coming weeks!  Head over to the Tickets page and pre-order your Weekend Pass for the low price of $10.00 to see this and a ton of other awesome Nebraska films! All weekend passes come with free popcorn and soda vouchers, discounts to local restaurants, free access to the Bonzai Blowout rock show afterparty on Saturday, October 8th, and a free DVD sampler (if ordered by September 4th) of local films!

And keep an eye on the Prairie Lights Facebook page for more guest announcements in the coming weeks!


BLOOD MODEL announced as first film from Prairie Lights Productions!

bloodymodelThe Prairie Lights Film Festival is excited to announce that BLOOD MODEL will be the first short film produced by our new production arm, Prairie Lights Productions!  This will be one of a number of upcoming short films created and will, if all goes well, premiere this October at the Prairie Lights Film Festival!

We’re proud to announce the following cast members have been selected:


Principal photography begins this August/September. The story centers around a group of artists who are slowly disappearing from a life-model class. Will they discover the secret before all of them meet a grisly end?

The film will be shot entirely in Nebraska featuring a full cast and crew of local filmmakers and musicians and will include numerous works by various Nebraska artists.

Follow the Prairie Lights Productions Facebook page as we document the creation of the film throughout this summer! You can also click the PLP page here on this site for info on all of our upcoming projects, including FLAT WATER TERRORS!


FLAT WATER TERRORS VOLUME 1 on Bluray now available!


Just $25 bucks (includes shipping). Click the button to purchase now!

FLAT WATER TERRORS is a collection of 6 short horror films made right here in Nebraska by Nebraska filmmakers!

Volume 1 of an ongoing anthology series, this collection of terrifying tales is designed to showcase the broad spectrum of filmmaking talent here and Nebraska and to benefit Nebraska film organizations to help strengthen our cinematic community!

All profits from the sale of this bluray will be donated to the Eastern Nebraska Film Office and Nebraska Independent Film Projects!

Blurays are $20 plus shipping and contain all 6 films, as well as some behind the scenes, outtakes, and audio commentary tracks from select entries.

Here’s a quick run down of each film:

  • MIDNIGHT KISS d. Aaron Gum (Skullduggery Theatre Films): An animated tale of terror in the tradition of EC Comics as a beautiful woman plots to knock off her husband on New Year’s Eve night.
  • NO EXIT d. Dorothy Booraem (Unfiltered Entertainment): A group of strangers are locked in a room for 7 days on a reality television show for a chance to win one million dollars, but will they survive each other?
  • LEGEND OF PINE ACRES d. Chad Bishoff (Slate Entertainment): College campers are terrorized by a sadistic cult member who is out to make them pay.
  • ONE MORE TIME FOR THE CAMERA d. Nate Coulombe (Splitsville Productions): While investigating a gruesome crime scene, two detectives discover a camcorder that documents a loving couple’s final moments.
  • EMILY d Joshua Weixelman and Tyler Schmid (Midnight Fright Films):  Years after her brutal murder, a mystery writer seeks to pen the tale of the ghostly Emily.
  • A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY d. Mathew Kister (Dead Lantern Pictures) : It’s Christmas Eve, 1987 and an escaped mental patient dressed as Santa is on the prowl for a theatre full of fashion victims.

Big shoutout to Heather Waite of Evil Forest FX for designing the bluray packaging and for contributing to many of the short films on this collection!

Don’t miss your chance to get this limited edition bluray of a bunch of fantastic Nebraska horror films by 6 different production companies! All proceeds go to a good cause!

Please note that some of the films contain violence, language, and nudity. For Mature audiences only!

Bonzai Blowout at Prairie Lights this year!

bonzaiAs you can all see below, we’ve announced the first batch of Prairie Lights 4 selections this year: BENDER, THE TIDE, THE WOLF’S ROBE, ENDOR, and WAXING. But the awesome news doesn’t end there!

One of the great sponsors of Prairie Lights each year is the Necropolis Group and their fantastic restaurants Sin City Grill and Bonzai Wave Pizza Company. Well, this year, Bonzai will be hosting a Blowout for all Prairie Lights weekend pass holders! What’s a blowout, you ask? Well, let’s just say that it involves a rock band, drinks, and a helluva good time in a huge Saturday night afterparty!

Weekend passes will go on sale within the next month and they’ll be $10 bucks as always! Not only will you get access to all films, Q&A’s, and mixers, but you’ll also get to go to the rock show Blowout AND get a free Prairie Lights Sampler DVD containing a collection of shorts from this year’s festival!

And if that weren’t great enough, over the course of the next month, we’ll be announce a ton of World Premiere’s including the FLAT WATER TERRORS 2 project, as well as the brand new NEBRASKA NOIR anthology project being put together by a ton of amazing Nebraska filmmakers!

Head over to the Tickets page and pre-order your Weekend Pass for the low price of $10.00 to get access to the Bonzai Blowout on Saturday night!

Please make sure you like the Prairie Lights facebook page and keep checking back for some huge announcements coming over the next month! Thanks for supporting Prairie Lights!

Official 2015 Prairie Lights Film Festival Schedule!

Below is the Official Schedule for the 3rd Annual Prairie Lights Film Festival!  Please click the film titles for more details on each film.  Additionally, World Premieres, are noted next to the film title.
You can also click the Film Schedule page link for a more streamlined listing. All Mixer locations are located conveniently no more than 3 blocks from the theatre! Programs, with maps to all locations will be available at the box office.
Pre-order weekend passes for the low price of $10.00 are available and can be picked up at the box office window on Friday, October 16th.
And please, invite your friends via our Facebook Event!
Schedule subject to change.

Friday, October 16th

Join us for some spooky horror tales on Friday Night Horror Frights just in time for Halloween!


  • Step on in to the Chocolate Bar for a pre-festival mixer! Writers, Directors, actors, and the public are welcome to meet up prior to the festival’s opening to network, chat, and have some cocktails. Filmmakers will be on hand to discuss their upcoming projects.

5:00pm: Doors Open

5:45 pm: Prairie Lights Film Festival Opening  Remarks by Joshua Weixelman

  • Master of Ceremonies Joshua Weixelman kicks off the festival with an introduction, thank you’s, and a look at the weekend ahead.

6:00pm: FLAT WATER TERRORS VOLUME 1 (2015) d. Various {Horror} World Premiere!

  • The World Premiere of FLAT WATER TERRORS, a brand new, never before seen anthology of spooky short films directed by first time Nebraska filmmakers as well as seasoned Nebraska vets!  All films in the anthology will be showing for the first time ever!

    • BLOODY MARY (2015) d. Sam Rocha {Horror} World Premiere!

      • A young girl decides to find out if the love of her life is truly the one by asking the legendary Bloody Mary!
    • CROSSWORDS (2015) d. Erik Ostberg {Thriller} World Premiere!

      • A young girl obsessed with crosswords finds more than she bargained for in her latest puzzle.
    • EMILY (2015) d. Joshua Weixelman and Tyler Schmid {Horror} World Premiere!

      • Sixty years after her murder, a mystery writer sets out to pen the tale of Emily only to find her story isn’t as over as he thought.
    • MIDNIGHT KISS (2015) {Animation} d. Aaron Gum World Premiere!

      • Celebrating their love on New Year’s Eve, Jonathan gives his wife Mikaela a beautiful necklace. But Mikaela has a deadlier surprise in store for Jonathan!
    • NO EXIT (2015) d. Dorothy Booraem {Horror} World Premiere!

      • A group of people trapped in an experiment grow progressively more and more insane as the days go on. Meanwhile, the people behind the mirror chart their progress.


  • Please join us for a Q&A session with the directors of the brand new Nebraska made FLAT WATER TERRORS anthology. The directors will be on hand to discuss their work and to take questions from the audience.

8:00pm: HOWL OF A GOOD TIME (2015) d. Patrick Rea {Horror}

  • A group of young girls attempt to get into  a special screening of the classic werewolf film “Foaming at the Mouth II”.  Unbeknownst to them, the “special” in this screening turns out to be an audience of hungry moviegoers….

8:15pm: IN PLAIN SIGHT (2015) d. Benito Garcia {Suspense} World Premiere!

  • As a newly wed CIA undercover operative, Ashley never thought  her next target would be so hard to kill!   IN PLAIN SIGHT will be making its World Premiere at the PLFF!

8:30pm: Benito Garcia Q&A

  • Benito Garcia, head of Wetworks SFX and director of IN PLAIN SIGHT will be on hand to discuss all of his various projects and to take audience questions.

8:45pm: SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE (2015) d. Mathew Kister {Horror} World Premiere!

  •  A beautiful genie named Sabiah tells a man a collection of stories ranging from the comedic to the tragic. 10 short films make up this chilling anthology!
    • DEADBOLT {Horror}

      • A young girl home alone on Halloween gets a visit from a dastardly ghost.
    • CONVENTION GIRL {Comedy/Horror}

      • A man accidentally kills a hooker at  a horror movie convention…or does he?
    • BIRTHDAY DINNER {Horror} World Premiere!

      • Two parents prepare the ultimate birthday dinner for their young child.
    • A BAD HEART {Horror}

      • A serial killer comes back from beyond the grave to enact his revenge on the only girl who escaped him.
    • I DREAM OF DJINNI {Comedy} World Premiere!

      • A beautiful genie gives three wishes to a slob. Be careful what you wish for!
    • SHORTLY AFTER NIGHTFALL {Film Noir} World Premiere!

      • A creepy motel owner hires a hitman to take care of one of his guests…
    • LAST BREATH {Tragedy}

      • A young girl discovers that her friend has been seeing the man of her dreams behind her back.
    • OUT OF THE LAMP {Comedy} World Premiere!

      • A man finds a genie lamp in his microwave and summons the beautiful temptress Sabiah to tell him a plethora of terrifying tales.

      • Three sorority girls decide to try and commune with a dead boyfriend using an ancient whispering board.
    • A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY {Comedy/ Horror} World Premiere!

      • Shot in the historic Grand Theatre, this short film takes place in the 1980’s as a killer Santa hunts down a group of bubbly teens.

10:45 pm: COULROPHOBIA (2015) d. Nate Coulombe {Horror}

  • A man who has a crippling fear of clowns due to a tragic event in his past meets a beautiful and alluring girl at a party.  He believes his life couldn’t get much better, Until he finds out that she moonlights on the side as a children’s party clown.

11:15: End of Day 1 Wrapup with Joshua Weixelman

  • End of Night 1 wrapup and closing comments by Master of Ceremonies Joshua Weixelman

11:30: After Party (Sin City Grill)

  • Head on over to Sin City Grill, located just a block away from the theatre for a night of food and refreshments with actors, writers, directors, and film festival patrons. All are invited!

Saturday, October 17th

Join us for Day 2 of the festival filled with all sorts of genres and styles, including documentaries, dramas, comedies, films noir, short film blocks, and more!

8:00 am : Sin City Grill Breakfast Mixer

  • Festival patrons, writers, directors, and actors can meet up at Sin City Grill for some delicious breakfast and networking before Day 2 of the festival begins.

10:00 am: NEBRASKA SUPERSONIC (2001) d. Jeremy Lerman {Comedy}

  • NEBRASKA SUPERSONIC was made in 2001 in Omaha, Nebraska and features over 90 different Nebraska actors and actresses. The film won Best Screenplay and the Golden Orbs Award at the No Dance Film Festival.

11:30 am: ALMOST A WEEKEND (2015) d. Tom Knoblauch and Ben Matukewicz {Comedy}

  • Maya invites her boyfriend and two other couples to her family’s cabin in rural Nebraska for a nice, relaxing weekend, but neurotic antics, bottled up resentments, and unexpected visitors turn the trip into a hilarious nightmare. Shot in Omaha and Monowi, Nebraska!

1:00 pm:  Q&A Tom Knoblauch and Ben Matukewicz

  • The directors of the comedy ALMOST A WEEKEND will be on hand after their film screens to discuss the creation of the film and take your questions!

1:30 pm: MISERY LOVES COMPANY (2015) d. Peter O’Brien {Comedy/Drama}

  • After being dumped, a man named Brian meets a girl named Veronica. What follows is an exploration of options, expectations and experiences that serve to remind Brian of one thing… You’re never as alone as you feel.

3:00 pm: Short Film Block #1

  • A Collection of short films from various genres by Nebraska filmmakers!

    • LIVING HELL (2014) d. Peter O’Brien {Thriller}

      • A mysterious figure sets a farm house ablaze in this short film prologue to a large feature length film.
    • SHAKESPEARE WITH NOODLES (2015) d. David Weiss {Documentary}

      • In a world where children are told to sit down and be quiet, one summer theatre program encourages them to do the exact opposite.
    • ARCADIA BAY (2015) d. Joshua Jacobs {Mystery/SciFi}

      • Ian sees a series of haunting visions that he can’t shake. After finding Thomas, a man from these visions, he convinces him to join him in discovering the truth that lies beyond the small coastal town ofArcadia Bay.
    • RETURN (2015) d. Patrick Rea {Experimental}

      • A beautiful woman experiences phases of life while looking through the keyholes of locked doors.
    • FILM FEST: WE CAN DO THIS IN SANFORD (2015) d. David Kuskie  {Documentary}

      • A native Nebraskan and his group of friends decide to start a film festival in a small Florida town.
    • WASTED NIGHTS (2015) d. Mark Thimijan {Dramedy} – World Premiere!

      • A group of characters  hang out in the same bar and experience dreams, hopes, failures, romance, comedy, drama, surrealism, realism, drunkenness, philosophy, heartache and achievement.
    • THE REGULARS (2015) d. Justin Senkbile {Drama}

      • One drunk, some listless high schoolers and a lot of boredom populate a slow shift for two waitresses at an all-night restaurant. Shot on location at Tommy’s Restaurant in Grand Island!

4:30pm: Hobnob Mixers (Bonzai Pizza and The Chocolate Bar)

  • Take a break from the Prairie Lights Film Festival and head on over to Bonzai for some good eats or the Chocolate Bar for good drinks!  Hobnob and network with Nebraska writers and directors to find out the latest films coming soon to production in 2016 at both locations. Get the scoop on all upcoming projects and prepare yourselves for a night of World Premieres!

6:00pm: DEVIL’S PLIGHT (2015) d. Vinnoth Ira Krish {Suspense} World Premiere

  • The Devil himself goes on record to proclaim his innocence, or has he come with a more sinister agenda?

6:30pm: THE DECIPHERING (2015) d. Vinnoth Ira Krish {Thriller} World Premiere

  • The story of a man named Stuart and his obsession with deciphering a human longevity formula which places him face to face with a deadly serial killer.

7:30pm: Q&A Vinnoth Ira Krish

  • Joshua Weixelman interviews Vinnoth Ira Krish, director of DEVIL’S PLIGHT and THE DECIPHERING, discussing the creation of the films, and taking questions from the audience.

8:00 pm: Short Film Block #2

  • A second block of short films from all over the state of Nebraska!

    • DAMN IT, MAMET!(2015) d. Michael Lang {Comedy}

      • A writer  questions his talent when a successful colleague recommends he read a book by famed screenwriter David Mamet.
    • DEATH GRIP ELECTRIC (2015) d. Michael Lang {Film Noir / Drama}

      • the son of a mortician sets off a power struggle by killing the city’s most ruthless crime boss over a gambling debt.
    • THINGS LIKE CHEMISTRY (2015) d. Tom Helberg {Drama}

      • Two guys and two girls discuss the aftermath of a break-up. Details are fuzzy; who broke up with whom, what went wrong, who is at fault. One thing is for sure: love isn’t easy and break-ups are even harder.
    • ONLY ALLIANCE (2013) d. David Kuskie {Music}

      • A  music video which pays tribute to Alliance, Nebraska’s 125th Anniversary.
    • THE SHED OF OUR SKIN (2015) D. Brent Scott Maze {Crime/Drama}

      • An exhausted detective turns to a colleague for information in an attempt to finally get one step ahead of a frighteningly intelligent sociopath he has been hunting for years.
    • AMBULANCE (2015) d. Brent Scott Maze {Drama}

      • After being brutally beaten and left for dead in a downtown alleyway, a wealthy playboy finds aid in a passerby with indecipherable motives.
    • THE IDENTITY OF ANOTHER (2015) d. Brent Scott Maze {Film Noir / Drama}

      • A shady businessman is murdered in his own apartment by a young criminal, Oliver Welles. As Welles methodically starts to cover his tracks and dispose of the body, there is a knock at the door…

8:45pm: Q&A Brent Scott Maze Q&A/ Joshua Weixelman

  • Guest filmmaker Brent Scott Maze discusses his filmography, the making of films in Nebraska, and answers questions from the audience.

9:15: THE EYES OF ISABELLE (2015) d. Mathew Kister World Premiere!

  • A girl named Isabelle Wakeworth goes on a rampage through the town of Hollowbrook to enact revenge on her family.  Shot entirely in Nebraska over the course of 4 years, this film features over 50 Nebraska actors and crewmembers!

11:00pm: Wetworks SFX Q&A

  • Special FX company Wetworks SFX will be on hand to discuss their company, working on local films, and how they pulled off all those amazing horror fx. They’ll also be answering audience questions

11:30pm:  End of Saturday night festivities

  • We wrap up night 2 with closing comments by Master of Ceremonies Joshua Weixelman

11:30pm: AFTER PARTY (Bonzai Pizza)

  • Join the cast and crew of THE EYES OF ISABELLE for a wrap party at Bonzai Pizza!

Sunday, October 17th

8:00 am: Breakfast Mixer (SIN CITY GRILL)

  • Kick off the final day of the festival right by heading to SIN CITY GRILL to meet with other filmmakers for a great Grand Island breakfast!

10:00 am: WEST BY ORPHAN TRAIN (2015) d. Colleen Krantz {Documentary}

  • A documentary telling the stories of numerous orphans who were taken west and the lives they led.

11:00 am: APP (2015) d. Alexander Berman {Comedy}

  • A new short film edited by Nebraska native Jeremy Lerman, APP tells the story of Paul, who uses his app to seduce a feisty stranger, Zoe. As the App whispers advice, Paul becomes a hipster Don Juan and they grow closer through the night. But when Paul starts to feel a genuine connection, all his calculations become a little more complicated.

11:30 am: THROUGH THESE GATES (2013) d. Ryan Tweedy {Documentary}

  • A documentary on Nebraska Football and the Nebraska fans who make it all possible. An exploration of a state, of a town, of people’s relationships, of thousands of students, of the power of a strong leader and mentor and the love of countless athletes who came into contact with a football. It is a glimpse into the world of the Cornhuskers….the self proclaimed greatest fans in college football….and by all assessments the claims they make on their stadium gates may be right.

1:00 pm: SOBER INDIAN/DANGEROUS INDIAN (2015) d. John Maisch

  • Sober Indian | Dangerous Indian is both a story of brave men and women on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation who have found empowerment through sobriety and those still struggling to overcome their alcohol addiction. Set in the weeks leading up to the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s historic vote to repeal its ban on alcohol on August 13, 2013, the documentary follows the journey of four alcoholics living on the streets of Whiteclay, Nebraska, less than 300 yards from their homes in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

2:30 pm: Q&A John Maisch and Frank LeMere

  • John Maisch and Frank LeMere of the documentary SOBER INDIAN/DANGEROUS INDIAN will be on hand to discuss the film and answer questions from the audience!

3:00 pm: Closing Announcements

  • Master of Ceremonies Joshua Weixelman closes out the festival with final thoughts and thanks!

Don’t miss your chance to see all 42 films this October! You can order a weekend pass to see these films, and a ton of other soon to be announced films, right now for the low price of $10.00! You’ll get access to all three days of the festival, discounts at local restaurants, free popcorn and soda vouchers, and more! Check the tickets page to Pre-Order you pass to Prairie Lights 2015!

Also, if you’re coming from out of town, don’t forget to book a room! There are a number of nearby hotel options located on the Hotel Page!


Special Guest Announcement: Director Vinnoth Krishnan of DECIPHERING and DEVIL’S PLIGHT!

vinnoth2Prairie Lights is proud to announce that Vinnoth Krishnan, director of DECIPHERING and DEVIL’S PLIGHT, both having their World Premiere at this year’s festival, will be on hand as a Special Guest! Mr. Krishan will be doing a Q&A discussing his films. Here’s his bio:

Vinnoth Krishnan was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on August 4, 1985. He now resides in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2012 he joined with Princella Parker, a freelance vinnothfilmmaker making the documentary “Standing Bear and Native Daughters” for Nebraska Entertainment Television (NET), with PBS and Vision Maker Media.  He attended  the University of Nebraska – Lincoln majoring in Actuarial Science. Upon graduation, he joined Joshua Redwine and Princella Parker in 2013 and made his first experimental feature film “Deciphering”, and a short film “The Devil’s Plight”.  Vinnoth currently works as freelance filmmaker for Vision Maker Media and with Sneaky Sneaky Films “Lena Khan” on The Tiger Hunter in Los Angeles, California.

We’re stoked to bring this fantastic Nebraska filmmaker to Prairie Lights and honored to be holding World Premiere’s of his two new films, DECIPHERING and DEVIL’S PLIGHT! Don’t miss your chance to meet this fantastic filmmaker! You can Pre-Order a weekend pass to see these films, and a ton of other soon to be announced films, right now for the low price of $10.00! You’ll get access to all three days of the festival, discounts at local restaurants, free popcorn and soda vouchers, and more! Check the tickets page to Pre-Order you pass to Prairie Lights 2015!



Official Schedule and Lineup for the 2014 Prairie Lights Film Festival!


Here it is, folks! The official schedule and lineup for the 2014 Prairie Lights Film Festival!

We will be screening over 35 films during the course of the 3 day film festival event. Dozens of short films and 10 feature length films, including Alexander Payne’s NEBRASKA and ABOUT SCHMIDT!

We also have a plethora of awesome guest filmmakers who will be performing Q&A’s of their films which you can find right here.

On top of that, we have multiple World Premiere’s including A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY (shot at the Grand Theatre), REMISSION, COULROPHOBIA, and IMMORTAL DARKNESS.

The film festival will also include a number of performances by local band Mindless Machines, a music video block, and a number of Filmmaker mixers at local eateries Sin City Grill and The Chocolate Bar.

Weekend passes are on sale for $10 right now! All passes are good for every movie during the 3 day event. Additionally, you get free popcorn, free soda, and food discounts at Bonzai, Sin City Grill, and The Chocolate Bar throughout the course of the weekend.

Out of town visitors can secure discount hotel rooms at Boarders!

So get your passes, and join us for the Red Carpet opening ceremony beginning at 6pm, Friday, September 12th!