Nathan Mosier’s VULTURE to World Premiere at PLFF!

Prairie Lights is stoked to announce that Nathan Mosier’s VULTURE will have its World Premiere at this year’s event!   Here’s a bit about the film:

A young nature photographer named Gwen, who is extremely interested in birds. Her love for birds is obsessive to the point that her best friend, Ted, repeatedly teases her. When a strange figure begins to appear around Gwen’s town and her own house, she tells Ted, and the town deputy, Markus. Ted is skeptical and jokes that her obsession has gotten to her head. The presence of the figure becomes stronger and more dangerous as the days go by. In the midst of these supernatural happenings, Gwen begins to question her own sanity and is forced to confront her dark past.
A statement from the Director: “Vulture” is in fact a pure 100% Nebraskan made film that expresses the beauty of nature and the secrecy of common, peaceful surroundings. It was shot in Bellevue, Nebraska, during a particularly hot, humid summer. The budget for this project was around $150, so not very much money, and it was made purely for an art project (non-profit). The cast and crew were all local Nebraskans from Omaha, Bellevue, and Lincoln. The cast was brought together through the use of the local Facebook group: “Nebraska Actors and Actresses”, and was the first film project for all of the cast. Gwen was played by Bellevue actor Jessie Curry. Ted was played by Omaha actor Eric Miller. Deputy Markus was played by Omaha actor Jared Charles, and the town sheriff by Jason Kuntz from Lincoln. I wrote, directed, edited, and acted in the production from Lincoln. The film shows the beauty of both suburban and rural Nebraska with the inclusion of local Bellevue neighborhoods and “Black Hawk Park”, an alluring little park that had a bridge with a waterfall that I just had to have for the film. The trance-like music mixed with the shots of the natural surroundings show the peacefulness of Nebraska and you can almost feel the hot sun making you sleepy as you watch it. I would drive down from Lincoln to Bellevue every day of the week to shoot the film with my cast. That is the time where I felt that Nebraska had a big part in the making of the film. Seeing 50 miles of rolling hills, trucks, farms, livestock, horses, passing small towns from dirt roads, and most notably, seeing the sun come up as I drove towards Bellevue and watching it set into an orange haze when I returned to Lincoln.”

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