The pilot episode of COSMIC CAT, created by Bill Hedges, to screen at PLFF!

We’re excited to announce that the pilot episode of Bill Hedges’ COSMIC CAT series will screen at this year’s Prairie Lights! Here’s a little about the film:

In the pilot episode, SCAREDY CAT, space travelers land on a deserted planet, but the machines of the former civilization still are functional and mistakenly create an environment of fear for them. Cosmic Cat is a series of sci fi adventure and parody shorts featuring Penny, a mysterious space cat and her human Will. They travel across the galaxy in their spaceship named Andromeda. They travel to other worlds encountering alien civilizations with a sense of adventure and sometimes trepidation. The adventure loving, comic book reading Penny also has a mischievous nature and mysterious origin.

The series is filmed on a stage to be able to create strange alien worlds and aims to recreate the look of sci fi television shows filmed in the 1960s which includes practical effects and miniatures instead of computer generated images. Pick up your Weekend Passes right now for just $10 right now to ensure you see this awesome scifi flick!

Don’t forget, with each weekend pass you get a Free DVD Sampler of Nebraska made short films, discounts at Bonzai, Sin City Grill, Chocolate Bar, and Kinkaider Brewery during the festival, as well as free popcorn and soda vouchers from the theater and free entry to the Kinkaider and Bonzai after parties. If that weren’t enough, you get access to all films and Q&A’s all weekend! Get your passes early and often!


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