Pete Lipins Retrospective at this year’s PLFF!

The Prairie Lights Film Festival is honored to help celebrate the life and art of Nebraska filmmaker Pete Lipins with a block of films! Pete’s contribution to the Nebraska filmmaking community is vast, not only as a creator but as a collaborator, mentor and friend.

Last year cancer took Pete from us, the same year his last film THE HYPNOTIST played on the Prairie Lights screen. This year Prairie Lights looks back on Pete’s early work including the DUDELING series and the rarely seen short film BIEZIE SATIEKAS along with it’s counterpart OVERSTOCK OF THE MAN-MACHINE by Andrew Johnson. Both shorts used the same script, written by Matt Cullinane, and Pete appears in both films playing the same role. Our  tribute concludes with Pete’s 2008 feature KILLER, a film shot, edited, re-shot and re-edited then edited again over six years, a testament to Pete’s love of the process. Check out the synopsis for KILLER:

The Killer is loose. The lunatic responsible for the deaths of Mary Shelly’s parents has not only escaped, but is on the blood path once again. Struggling with her loss, Mary seeks refuge in a mansion every bit as cold and distant as the woman who owns it – her aunt. Mary tries to make sense of her surroundings, but nothing is as it appears. Add to this mix some startling visuals and a menagerie of odd characters and the result is a horror movie that gets inside your head.

Experience the legacy left by one of the most beloved members of the Nebraska filmmaking community with his family in attendance. Pete Lipins the man will be missed, but his art lives on.

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“Always forward, my friend. Always forward.” – Pete Lipins

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