Christina Marie Leonard’s LOCH NESS: The Web Series, to screen at PLFF!

We’re excited to announce that Nebraska native Christina Marie Leonard’s full webseries, LOCH NESS, will screen at this year’s PLFF! Here’s the synopsis:

Donna, Joey, Kyle and Steve are four high school metal heads that dream of making it big with their folk metal band, Loch Ness. Now, all they need to do is figure out how to keep a lead singer. However, in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska there’s not a lot of candidates lining up for the position. With overbearing parents, lack of funds and a bass player who manages to get it wrong more then right, will they ever keep it together long enough to truly rock out?

Loch Ness: The Web Series was created by Christina Marie Leonard, originally from Omaha Nebraska, and based on her experiences in a band from the Omaha area. The series was produced in LA by Leonard and three others, including Mijoe Sahiouni (who also directed the bulk of the episodes) and Max Holm, University of Nebraska Lincoln graduates, and Melanie Recker of UNO. The cast includes a few Omaha favorites including Chris Muckey as the Loch Ness band’s drummer “Joey” and Jim Hanna as the dad of Loch Ness‘s keyboardist Donna.
We’re excited to be able to show the entire 5 episode Web Series on the big screen! Head over to the Tickets page and pre-order your Weekend Pass for the low price of $10.00 to see this and a ton of other awesome Nebraska films! All weekend passes come with free popcorn and soda vouchers, discounts to local restaurants, free access to the Bonzai After Party, and a free DVD sampler of local films!

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