Jim Fields’ LIFE AFTER EX to screen at this year’s PLFF!

Prairie Lights is stoked to announce that the latest film from Jim Fields, LIFE AFTER EX, will be screening at the film festival this year! Here’s a bit about the film:

Life After Ex is a new romantic comedy/drama about the search for love after a gay divorce. Set in the months before the Supreme Court ruled to legalize same sex marriage nationwide, Dylan Holm (Nicklaus Knipe) is shocked to learn he’s unable to file for divorce in his home state of Nebraska and must move to Iowa (where same sex marriage is legal) to establish residency and eventually file for divorce there. After moving across the river from Omaha, Nebraska, to Council Bluffs, Iowa, Dylan struggles to put his life back together but eventually discovers it’s never too late for love.

Filmed in Omaha, Nebraska, and in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with a cast and crew made up of Nebraska natives and residents, Life After Ex stars Nicklaus Knipe, Justin Parker, and Joe DeSanti, and features performances by Spencer Wolfe, Anthony Holmes, Robert Saladee, Kristy Olson, Eric Lawson, Dani Cleveland, Jax Barchaus, Ben Gothier, Daniel Selby, Douglas D. Schwarte, Zach Barrientos, and Michael Juarez. Produced by Jim Fields, Chuck Martens, and Joseph William Simmons, Life After Ex is written and directed by Jim Fields (Flyover Country/Bugeaters) and features cinematography by Guy S. White and a music score by Dereck Higgins.

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