Special Guest Announcement: Tom Lombard, Director of JESSE’S CHILI, World Premiering at Prairie Lights!

We’re excited to announce that Tom Lombard, director of JESSE’S CHILI will be attending PLFF and participating in the Short Filmmaker Q&A session on Saturday! JESSE’S CHILI is Tom’s first film ever and we’re stoked to be World Premiering it! Here’s a bit about Tom:

tomlombardHaving been involved with various functions of live theatre for 6 deca… several years, I’ve often wondered about the film end of things. My first exposure came with Community Watch a few years ago which led to The Wolf’s Robe. At that point, I was pretty hooked. Then came the trip to GI and Prairie Lights Film Festival last year. As I came away from that, the wide eyed 2 year old in me boiled over as I found myself jumping up & down with clinched fists yelling “ME WANNA DO IT!!!”. So I did it. Armed with some great mentoring, an amazing cast, a script that came from… I dunno where it came from, and a disregard for letting technical details and conventions get in the way (HINT – don’t stop watching just because the closing credits appear to be over), Jesse’s Chili was born. At this time, I’m showing tremendous restraint in staying focused on the last bits of cleanup (meh, as clean as I’m gonna) on JChili while very consciously keeping plans for my first feature length on the back burner. As well as the thoughts on the couple of additional shorts I wanna do before that feature. And the couple of other features I wanna do after that one. I know I can stop after those. Maybe. See what you started Mat? Thanks.

Come check out the World Premiere of JESSE’S CHILI and then listen to how this rad film was made! Tom will be participating in a Q&A on Saturday so don’t miss it!  Head over to the Tickets page and pre-order your Weekend Pass for the low price of $10.00 to see this and a ton of other awesome Nebraska films! All weekend passes come with free popcorn and soda vouchers, discounts to local restaurants, free access to the Bonzai Blowout rock show after party on Saturday, October 8th, and a free DVD sampler (if ordered by September 4th) of local films!




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