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World Premiere of Jack Forey’s TERPSI’S CATCH to premiere at PLFF!

terpsi1We’re excited to announce that Jack Forey’s short film TERPSI’S CATCH will be World Premiering at this year’s Prairie Lights Film Festival! Here’s a quick synopsis:

terpsis1A man out on a fishing trap comes across a beautiful woman playing a harp. Mesmorized by the music, he feels himself drawn to her only to find that he isn’t the only one fishing out on the lake…

The film was shot at Pioneer’s Park in Lincoln, Nebraska! TERPSI’S CATCH is part of the Flatterpsis3 Water Terrors Volume 2 anthology project which will be screening for the first time ever at the film festival! Additionally, Mr. Forey will be on hand to participate in the Q&A session with the other directors. You can see this awesome new flick by pickup up a Weekend Pass, which is on sale right now! Head over to the tickets page right now and get your weekend pass for just $10.00 and get free popcorn and soda vouchers, local restaurant discounts, entry to all 30+ films and Q&A’s as well as a free sampler dvd!



World Premiere of Benito Garcia’s WALK A MILE and SKELETON DANCE to screen at PLFF!

walkamileWe’re honored to have not one, but two World Premiere’s by local filmmaker Benito Garcia at this year’s Prairie Lights Film Festival: WALK A MILE and SKELETON DANCE!

Here’s the synopsis for WALK A MILE:

A shoe repairman meets a customer with a mysterious pair of boots. Once the cobbler begins to work on them he finds a shocking surprise that pushes him to amend one of his most important relationships.

Mr. Garcia will also be premiering SKELETON DANCE, a film in the NEBRASKA NOIR anthology project which will also be debuting at Prairie Lights! Here’s the synopsis:

skeletondanceSKELETON DANCE, a film noir adapted to a screenplay by the very talented Lisa Kovanda   which has been carefully adapted from an original award winning short story by Nanette Day. The story is about the mental and physical abuse of a little girl who is raised by her grandmother after her mother dies of a drug overdose.

Not only will Prairie Lights attendees get to see these films for the very first time, but  Mr.ben Garcia will be on hand for a Q&A session discussing the creation of both films.  In addition, WALK A MILE will also be part of the free DVD sampler disc that comes with every online weekend pass order! So what are you waiting for? Head over to the tickets page right now and get your weekend pass for just $10.00 and get free popcorn and soda vouchers, local restaurant discounts, entry to all 30+ films and Q&A’s as well as a free dvd!


Sneak Preview of Kevin McMahon’s CLASSIFIED to screen at PLFF!

Prairie Lights is excited to announce that a sneak preview of Kevin McMahon’s CLASSIFIED will screen at this year’s festival! Kevin directed this short proof of concept which will be turned into a feature length film next year! You can see the first 2 minutes above and head to the festival this October for the full, terrifying 10 minute short!  Here’s the synopsis:

Andy and GirlFound footage of a Navy SEAL squad’s mission to recover a missing team member.  When they enter the abandoned power plant they soon find themselves up against a paranormal force that even the best fighters on Earth cannot escape.

If you like what you see above, then you’ll love the full 10 minute version that will be premiering at this year’s PLFF! We’re stoked to  be showing this awesome sneak preview for the first time ever! What are you waiting for? Order your Weekend Pass now for just $10.00!



World Premiere of Brandon Fix’s CYBERBOY to screen at PLFF 4!

IMG_1222Prairie Lights is stoked to announce the World Premiere of Brandon Fix’s animated short film CYBERBOY! This animated film is testament to the wide range of cinema being created in this state and we’re happy to premiere this on the big screen to all Nebraskans! Here’s the synopsis:

IMG_1163There’s a new mystery in Andover Park that’s grabbing the attention of the media and major industry Tech Corps – the Cyber Boy. Sightings of this unknown boy are becoming more frequent and increasing curiosity amongst citizens of Andover Park. Questions remain mere speculation as Tech Corps researcher, Dr. Douglas Mormon and media correspondent, Nicole Tankmen discuss the town’s mysterious person of interest. ButFix Productions logo why has he caught Tech Corps attention? Why do they want to replicate his abilities? Is it simply to understand the Cyber Boy or is there something more malicious behind their intentions?

The film was created here in Nebraska by local Animator/Director/Producer Brandon Fix. You can see this and a dozens of additional films this October 7, 8, and 9th! Order your weekend pass right now for the low price of $10.00 to get access to all films, Q&A’s, and a free DVD Sampler containing a selection of this year’s films. Supplies are limited so order now!


Free DVD Sampler with your Online Weekend Pass Order!

plffsamplerWe are excited to announce and reveal this year’s Prairie Lights Sampler DVD! Designed by area designer and special FX artist Heather Waite, this awesome disc will feature 8 films that are playing at this year’s festival and best of all? It’s free with every Weekend Pass online order!

A weekend pass is just $10.00 and you’ll get this awesome free dvd featuring a bunch of awesome films by Nebraska filmmakers. Head over to the ticket page to pick up your Weekend Pass and to secure this awesome DVD!

You’ll get these films:

  • WALK A MILE (2016) d. Benito Garcia
  • JESSE’S CHILI (2016) d. Tom Lombard
  • YOU’RE WELCOME (2016) d. Justin Senkbile
  • CHORES (2015) D. Jeff Jackson
  • COMMUNITY WATCH (2015) d. AJ Oetman
  • FOOD JUNKIE (2015) d. Christina Marie Leonard
  • THE TIDE (2015) d. Tatum Lenberg
  • THE BAGMAN (2016) d. Sam Rocha

At Prairie Lights, we aim to give you as much free shwag as possible and this is just one of the many sweet things you’ll receive by picking up a weekend pass. Supplies will be limited so don’t hesitate to pick up your weekend pass now!




BLOOD MODEL announced as first film from Prairie Lights Productions!

bloodymodelThe Prairie Lights Film Festival is excited to announce that BLOOD MODEL will be the first short film produced by our new production arm, Prairie Lights Productions!  This will be one of a number of upcoming short films created and will, if all goes well, premiere this October at the Prairie Lights Film Festival!

We’re proud to announce the following cast members have been selected:


Principal photography begins this August/September. The story centers around a group of artists who are slowly disappearing from a life-model class. Will they discover the secret before all of them meet a grisly end?

The film will be shot entirely in Nebraska featuring a full cast and crew of local filmmakers and musicians and will include numerous works by various Nebraska artists.

Follow the Prairie Lights Productions Facebook page as we document the creation of the film throughout this summer! You can also click the PLP page here on this site for info on all of our upcoming projects, including FLAT WATER TERRORS!


Sneak Peak of SAY GOODBYE, GRACE and Special Guest Director Ryan Olsen to attend PLFF 4!

gracePrairie Lights is excited to announce a special Sneak Peak at a scene from the upcoming film noir SAY GOODBYE, GRACE, the narrative directorial debut of Ryan Olsen and part of the Nebraska Noir anthology project!

Here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

In the film, we follow Grace, a hard-boiled detective in a seedy city. When she returns to her office one night, she finds an old friend, whom she hasn’t seen in ages, dying at her desk. With his last breath, he asks her to finish a case he knows he should never have started.

What follows is a brutal story of deceit, loss, and retribution. In the end, Grace has to decide what’s more important: her life or the investigation.

We’re also excited to announce that director Ryan Olsen will be on hand to do a Q&A and discuss the creation of the film. Here’s a bit about Ryan.

Ryan N. Olsen is no stranger to video & film. Having ryanolsenbeen interested in film from an early age, he watched everything his parents would allow. His love for film began with Tim Burton, George Lucas, and Toho Ltd. Studios. He made claymations & short films with his friends throughout elementary & middle school. Once he graduated from Kearney High School in 2003, he enrolled in the Film Studies program at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL). He graduated from UNL in 2008 with his Bachelor’s and worked on film sets and commercials for a few years before starting his film production company, POW! Productions in 2011. After shooting a public service announcement for the state of Nebraska, Ryan earned a spot as the Director of Video Productions for the ad agency, Local Hero Design. After receiving multiple positive reviews with his most recent commercial for The Hot Mess bar in Lincoln, Nebraska, he has seen an influx in business. “Say Goodbye, Grace: A Detective Story,” is his debut film as a filmmaker.

Unrelated, he always plays as M. Bison in Street Fighter.

We’re stoked to not only be showing this special preview for the first time ever, but to also have Ryan Olsen on hand to do a Q&A and discuss the creation of the film! What are you waiting for? Order your Weekend Pass now for just $10.00!


FLAT WATER TERRORS VOLUME 1 on Bluray now available!


Just $25 bucks (includes shipping). Click the button to purchase now!

FLAT WATER TERRORS is a collection of 6 short horror films made right here in Nebraska by Nebraska filmmakers!

Volume 1 of an ongoing anthology series, this collection of terrifying tales is designed to showcase the broad spectrum of filmmaking talent here and Nebraska and to benefit Nebraska film organizations to help strengthen our cinematic community!

All profits from the sale of this bluray will be donated to the Eastern Nebraska Film Office and Nebraska Independent Film Projects!

Blurays are $20 plus shipping and contain all 6 films, as well as some behind the scenes, outtakes, and audio commentary tracks from select entries.

Here’s a quick run down of each film:

  • MIDNIGHT KISS d. Aaron Gum (Skullduggery Theatre Films): An animated tale of terror in the tradition of EC Comics as a beautiful woman plots to knock off her husband on New Year’s Eve night.
  • NO EXIT d. Dorothy Booraem (Unfiltered Entertainment): A group of strangers are locked in a room for 7 days on a reality television show for a chance to win one million dollars, but will they survive each other?
  • LEGEND OF PINE ACRES d. Chad Bishoff (Slate Entertainment): College campers are terrorized by a sadistic cult member who is out to make them pay.
  • ONE MORE TIME FOR THE CAMERA d. Nate Coulombe (Splitsville Productions): While investigating a gruesome crime scene, two detectives discover a camcorder that documents a loving couple’s final moments.
  • EMILY d Joshua Weixelman and Tyler Schmid (Midnight Fright Films):  Years after her brutal murder, a mystery writer seeks to pen the tale of the ghostly Emily.
  • A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY d. Mathew Kister (Dead Lantern Pictures) : It’s Christmas Eve, 1987 and an escaped mental patient dressed as Santa is on the prowl for a theatre full of fashion victims.

Big shoutout to Heather Waite of Evil Forest FX for designing the bluray packaging and for contributing to many of the short films on this collection!

Don’t miss your chance to get this limited edition bluray of a bunch of fantastic Nebraska horror films by 6 different production companies! All proceeds go to a good cause!

Please note that some of the films contain violence, language, and nudity. For Mature audiences only!