World Premiere of Tom Lombard’s JESSE’S CHILI to screen at this year’s PLFF!

chiliPrairie Lights is stoked to announce the World Premiere of JESSE’S CHILI by first time Nebraska filmmaker Tom Lombard!  Here’s a run down about the film:

chili2Jesse’s mother dies while he was quite young leaving his father to raise him alone. When Jesse entered the US Navy after high school, Jesse’s father fell in love with a much younger woman, remarried, and started a second family. Tragedy struck again as an accident took the lives of both Jesse’s father and his new wife leaving their three young children to be raised by relatives. It fell on Jesse, per the will that was left behind, to distribute a substantial inheritance to his much younger siblings – John, Maddy, and Jim – when they were “mature enough”.

As they became adults, Jesse began hosting an annual chili3meal where the three would try to convince Jesse that they were finally “mature enough” but it was difficult as one was a gambler, another joined a circus, and the third had a never ending string of big ideas that went nowhere. “Jesse’s Chili” is about one of those meals, the final one with Jesse still alive, and another meal several months later after Jesse is killed in a tractor accident. It’s only after his death that Jesse, with some help from his wife, Mary, is finally able to get the required maturity into John, Maddy, and Jim.

chili4This short film borrows heavily from the format and feel of an episode of The Twilight Zone circa 1960 complete with commercial breaks. This short film project was intended to be simple & fun (Hey… it’s my first film!). It lacks monsters & dismemberment but should leave you a bit creeped out at the end.

We’re proud to screen this brand new short film by a Nebraska filmmaker in part inspired by a visit to last year’s Prairie Lights Film Festival! Tom will be on hand as part  of the short filmmakers Q&A group to talk all about the creation of his first film!  Be sure to head over to the Tickets page and pre-order your Weekend Pass for the low price of $10.00 to see the film and attend Tom’s Q&A!


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