Tony Bonacci’s THE INSELBERG EFFECT to screen at PLFF4!

inselberg2Happy to announce that Tony Bonacci’s THE INSELBERG EFFECT will be screening this year! Check out the synopsis below:

theinselbergaffect_poster_copysmallDarren, hardworking, dedicated husband, finds his life in turmoil after his wife leaves him. After attacking his boss, Darren is forced to take anger management classes where he runs into the famous author, Garrett LaRue. LaRue’s book The Inselberg Complex has helped Darren through his heartbreak. But as LaRue draws Darren into his world, Darren soon realizes things are not what they seem.

Mr. Bonacci had this cool statement to add:

I love weird stories. I love crazy characters. I try my besttony to blend the 2 in my projects. I think this short film is the perfect example of that and I think it will definitely add a little flare to any festival! It’s a crowd pleaser and discussion piece that’s for sure!

We’re stoked to be providing this fantastic short film to the attendees of Prairie Lights! Head over to the Tickets page and pre-order your Weekend Pass for the low price of $10.00 to see this and a ton of other awesome Nebraska films!


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