World Premiere of FLAT WATER TERRORS to kick off the 3rd Annual PLFF!


We are proud to announce that, just in time for Halloween, Prairie Lights will be world premiering FLAT WATER TERRORS, a collection of brand new short films by a plethora of fantastic Nebraska filmmakers on Friday, October 16th!  We’ll be opening the festival with over a dozen brand new, never before seen short films as part of Friday Night Horror Frights, which will gather a ton of awesome  films for a spooky and comedic night of scares and laughs to get you in the October Halloween-y spirit!

In addition to world premiering 17 new films by Nebraska filmmakers on opening night , we’ll  be holding a Q&A session with the directors, including: Joshua Anstey, Dorothy Booraem, Molly Grant-Leanna, Aaron Gum, Erik Ostberg, Sam Rocha, Tyler Schmid, and Joshua Weixelman!

And to add to an excellent night of spooky fun, the Midnight Frights horror podcast will be on hand to interview filmmakers and audience members, getting their reaction to the films and to add to the October festivities!

Here’s a rundown of all the films in FLAT WATER TERRORS!


MIDNIGHT KISS (d. Aaron Gum)

When married couple Mikaela and Johnathon are celebrating New Years, Johnathon gives his wife a beautiful necklace, while Mikaela has a bloody surprise for her husband.


NO EXIT (d. Dorothy Booraem)

A group of people trapped in an experiment grow progressively more and more insane as the days go on. Meanwhile, the people behind the mirror chart their progress.

CROSSWORDS (d. Erik Ostberg)

A young woman, obsessed with crossword puzzles tumblr_nmpvcki69J1u7m69uo1_1280becomes obsessed with figuring out a secret message hidden amongst the game.

BLOODY MARY (d. Sam Rocha)

A new spin on the classic urban legend. In this, a young woman seeks to discover whether or not the man she is with is her true husband to be.

EMILY (d. Joshua Weixelman and Tyler Schmid)

Over sixty years ago, a young girl named Emily was dollbrutally murdered. Today, a murder mystery author is out to write her story.
We cannot wait to kick off Prairie Lights this year with 17 world premiere films from a wide variety of talented Nebraska filmmakers! Friday night will be packed with FLAT WATER TERRORS, the world premiere of SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE, Nate Coloumbe’s COULROPHOBIA, Patrick Rea’s HOWL OF A GOOD TIME, and more! Be sure to come out and enjoy a fright filled evening to kick off a jam packed weekend of great Nebraska made films!
You can Pre-Order a weekend pass to see these films, and a ton of others, right now for the low price of $10.00! You’ll get access to all three days of the festival, discounts at local restaurants, free popcorn and soda vouchers, and more! Check the tickets page to Pre-Order you pass to Prairie Lights 2015!

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