Peter O’Brien’s MISERY LOVES COMPANY to screen at this year’s PLFF!

We’re stoked to announce that Lincoln resident Peter O’Brien’s MISERY LOVES COMPANY will screen at this year’s PLFF! Here’s the synopsis:

misery1Brian Norton (Peter O’Brien) is a broken-hearted projectionist with a chip on his shoulder. After getting dumped by his current love interest, Alison (Priscilla Wilson), he inverts to a retrospective state in search of the source of his dilemma, but when your reality is primarily fantasy, it’s easy to lose sight of things. Brian struggles for understanding as his best friend, Cliff (Steven Bendler), encourages him to put his emotions aside andmisery2 focus on friendships instead of relationships. It is through Cliff that Brian meets Veronica (Carly Ballister) and his inner conflict begins. His problems are exacerbated by the adolescent advice of his friends, Les (Shawn Stephens) and Wayne (Konrad Mann). What follows is an exploration of options, expectations and experiences that serve to remind Brian of one thing… You’re never as alone as you feel.
Additionally, his short film LIVING HELL: PROLOGUE will be screening which is the opening sequence to a much larger story about five killers who seek shelter in a secluded farmhouse during a very dangerous storm. As their personalities begin to clash they discover each other’s deadly secrets.
Don’t forget that you can Pre-Order a weekend pass to see MISERY LOVES COMPANY and LIVING HELL, and a ton of other soon to be announced films, right now for the low price of $10.00! You’ll get access to all three days of the festival, discounts at local restaurants, free popcorn and soda vouchers, and more! Check the tickets page to Pre-Order you pass to Prairie Lights 2015

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