World Premiere of the finished REMISSION to screen at Prairie Lights!

remission1We are super excited to announce the world premiere of Joshua Weixelman and Tyler Schmid’s feature length zombie/infected-tragedy REMISSION! Last year, Prairie Lights was given the opportunity to screen a work print of the film. Well, after taking the comments and suggestions of many PLFF viewers, the filmmakers have locked down the film and will be showing the finished version!

remissionposterThe Reverend Joseph Barnaby has lost everything. His family, his community, and all of the happiness that came with it.  He now wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland, searching. In a dangerous world where the Infected prey on the last vestiges of humanity, he finds a community of survivors holed up in an old, abandoned warehouse.  As the dangers from the outside world mount, he must fight to protect the people he loves…  but are the Infected the real danger?

Prairie Lights is honored to once again be offering viewers the chance to see this unique film. Shot in Lincoln, work print screened last year, and finished product this year! Get your weekend passes now to check out the film!


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