World Premiere of Chad Bishoff and Eric Dwight’s IMMORTAL DARKNESS to screen at PLFF2!

immortalSuper stoked to announce the world premiere of Chad Bishoff and Eric Dwight’s film noir, IMMORTAL DARKNESS,  will be seen at the PLFF! Here’s the details:

For months, Detective Jack McIntyre has been chasing drug dealer Vincent and his prostitute sister, Valerie.  After many hours on stakeout, Vincent is now behind bars.  Jack now relaxes and thinks about the past when there is a knock on the door.  It is the Valerie.  Is she there to turn herself in, or does she have alternative motives to seek revenge on Detective McIntyre?

The film stars Jeff Hoover and Tima Allmubarak and is directed by Chad Bishoff and written by Eric Dwight.

We are excited to offer Prairie Lights patrons the first chance to see this fantastic new Nebraska made film! How do you get to see this film? Why, by ordering a weekend pass, of course!


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