Synopses for all films at the Prairie Lights Film Festival!




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Join us all weekend for an eclectic variety of local Nebraska films! Friday night is horror film night! Stop in for a ton of awesome horror features and shorts made by a wide variety of local artists. Stop in Saturday for Documentaries, Comedies, Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Dramas, and Crime flicks!

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  • 8:00pm – NAILBITER (Horror): A group of girls on their way to the airport have to take shelter in a storm cellar during a tornado. Unbeknownst to them, something far monstrous and deadly lurks in the cellar with them…
  • 9:30pm – FRIGHT FEST (Horror): Frankie’s first date with Finch is a real snoozer. An all-night horror movie marathon is not her idea of fun. But when the horrors on the screen begin to cross into the real world, Finch may have to be her knight in shining armor after all.
  • 9:45pm – DONOR (Horror): In a time where banks are failing, homes are shuttered, and one-and-a-half out of ten people are unemployed, Seth discovers a way to maintain the lifestyle he and his wife have become accustomed to…but at a crippling cost.
  • 10:00pm – FAME (Horror): If Cara’s big break doesn’t come soon, it’s back to a dead end job, dreaming of what might have been. Then she gets the phone call that changes her life — a job that guarantees her name will go down in history. How much is she willing to give for her fifteen minutes?
  • 10:15pm – INSIDE MAN (Horror): Forced to move into a new home, agoraphobic Tony finds the security he once relied on no longer exists. When a ghostly visitor comes calling, will Tony face his fears of the outside world or confront the monstrous force residing in his home?
  • 11:00pm – DON’T PICK THE FLOWERS (Horror): A group of lascivious college kids get a little more than they bargained for in Lincoln’s Sunken Gardens flower park…
  • 11:10pm – THE GROCERY (Horror): A group of grocery store workers are terrorized by a killer.
  • 11:15pm – THE LEGEND OF PINE ACRES (Horror): A group of horny teenagers find out the a legendary killer isn’t quite as dead and gone as they all believe…
  • 12:00am – THE SHADOW’S EDGE (Horror): A group of teens win an exclusive sneak peak at a brand new haunted house only to find that the terrors inside are actually real.

Saturday, November 9th (Documentaries, Comedies, Dramas, Westerns, and more!)

  • 9:30am THE GRAND THEATRE: PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE (Documentary) : A history of the historic Grand Theatre, host to the Prairie Lights Film Festival!
  • 10:00am DEDICATION DAY (Documentary) : A history of Lincoln’s famous Sheldon Museum of Art!
  • 11:00am A RIVER TAMED: NEBRASKA’S REPUBLICAN RIVER (Documentary) : Explaining the importance of the Republican river to Nebraska’s ecology and economy.
  • 12:00pm BUGEATERS (Documentary) : The origins of Nebraska Cornhusker football! Dive into what made Nebraska football before Devaney and Osborne!
  • 1:30pm TERRITORY 8 (Science Fiction/Thriller) : Shortly after a chemical weapon explosion in the Nevada desert, two scientists find themselves confronting a sinister cover up, and a band of hostile survivors who are looking to escape the quarantined area known as Territory 8.
  • 3:00pm THE ADVENTURES OF LOOP AND RHETT (Western/Adventure) : Once upon a time, there were two men. Loop and Rhett. They headed west in pursuit of a fresh start. In their travels, they came upon the town of Alarcarn, New Mexico. There, they find action, adventure, and the ghosts of their past.
  • 3:45pm THE CURTAIN CLOSES (Drama) : In 1977 Shawn Davis, the Assistant Manager of The Midland Cinema 6 movie theater, reflects back on the last three years – movies, cars and girls – when a .357 is in his face during a robbery.
  • 4:00pm SYNDICATED (Comedy) : In the 1930’s, Arthur Powell, a down-on-his-luck actor, accidentally skyrockets into the limelight due to a blunder on live radio. Can he live with the fame?
  • 4:15pm FIRST KISS (Comedy): A guy and a girl encounter all kinds of obstacles while trying for their first kiss.
  • 4:20pm MISANDRY: A VALENTINE’S DAY STORY (Comedy) : A young woman who hates romance and cannot stand to see anyone in love, is visited by her  three friends on Valentines Day hoping to warm her heart and change her views on love.
  • 4:30pm SANDBOX MEMORIES (Drama) : 28-year-old Jack takes us through an exciting, emotional journey back to his childhood days where we discover how he chose the path he’s on right now.
  • 4:45pm THE GUY WHO CRIED WOLF (Comedy) : Guy Ragnar was going to be the next big survival show host, until his crew was slaughtered by a werewolf.  Now, the only thing that can keep Guy safe is a six shooter of Coors Light Silver Bullet!
  • 4:57pm LAZARUS NO.3 (Experimental) : An experimental single point-of-view shot that moves quickly through a familiar space.
  • 5:00pm ONE WAY (Drama/Comedy) : ONE WAY follows the character of Stephen, a twenty-five year old trapped in the vices of habit. Returning home from a business trip, Stephen finds that he quickly settles into his old ways and old relationships only to find himself eager for a way out. This coming of age dramedy explores family, friendship and fingers (of the peanut butter and jelly variety).
  • 7:00pm VINO VERITAS (Comedy) : This comedy takes its title from the Latin proverb, which literally translated: “in wine, the truth,” suggests that people reveal their truest feelings under the influence of alcohol.
  • 8:25pm SOLITUDE (Drama) : Everyone throws in the towel at some point, even those you don’t expect to.
  • 9:00pm HEARTLESS (World Premiere(Adventure/Action) : Captured by agents of the shadow government, con artist and thief Alexander Crowley wakes up handcuffed in a basement cell. Agents Rob and Ariel plan to use him as bait in their mission to destroy a powerful coven of magic-using humans.
  • 9:20pm BLOOD RITES (Crime/Horror) : It was supposed to be an easy deal for Jason and Nikki: buy the drugs, cut them at an abandoned warehouse, then sell them on the street and rake in the cash.  When the drug deal goes bad and Jason disappears, Nikki is trapped on an upper floor of the warehouse with a vicious ex-military enforcer, a gunshot victim, a violent addict and his three hostages.
    Leaving the building is not an option.  All the exits have been blocked.  And somewhere in the darkness is something with a taste for blood and a love of pain.
  • 12:00pm REMISSION (Sneak Preview) (Tragedy) : The Reverend Joseph Barnaby has lost everything. His family, his community, and all of the happiness that came with it.  He now wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland, searching. In a dangerous world where the Infected prey on the last vestiges of humanity, he finds a community of survivors holed up in an old, abandoned warehouse.  As the dangers from the outside world mount, he must fight to protect the people he loves…  but are the Infected the real danger?

Sunday, November 10th

  • 9:00am THE BOARDER (Drama) : Inspired by true-life events, this is the sobering story of the Williams family and their process of coping with an adopted child suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder.
  • 10:30am POWER SLIDE (Drama) : When Kyle discovers his friend and farm owner missing and his land in Gene’s possession through a converted bank deal, he begins to investigate opening doors that trigger a domino effect of troubles touching everyone he knows and soon is on the run from a Chicago run drug running outfit and the local Sheriff. It’s going to take all his wits, strength and driving ability to out shift this posse from hell

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