Official Prairie Lights Film and Music Lineup Announced!

plffWe are very excited to announce the full lineup for the Prairie Lights Film Festival! We’ll be screening over 24 hours of films shot and created in Nebraska and by Nebraska filmmakers! In addition, local band Bobbie Boob will be doing multiple performances throughout the weekend! Be sure to pre-order your weekend passes now for only $10! It gets you free popcorn, drinks, discounts at local restaurants and hotels!

We kick things off on Friday, November 8th with a night of critically acclaimed horror films terrifyingly crafted by Nebraska filmmakers, including Q&A’s with special guests Patrick Rea and Dan Iske!

The festival continue into Saturday with a wide variety of great films. Starting off with a “Documentary Block” feature and continuing with Science Fiction, Westerns, Dramas, a “Short Film Block”, and critically acclaimed films from Alexander Jeffrey and Sarah Knight. Culminating in world premeires of HEARTLESS and REMISSION, made right here in Nebraska! And don’t miss out on the rad house band: Boobie Bob! They’ll be bringing their unique brand of electronic music to the festival!

Below is the Festival lineup, check it out and get your pre-order weekend passes below!

Friday, November 8th (Friday Night Horror Frights!)

  • 7:00pm Bobbie Boob performance (House Band)
  • 7:30pm Festival Introduction and Q&A with Director Patrick Rea
  • 8:00pm NAILBITER (dir. Patrick Rea)
  • 10:30pm Q&A with Director and Creator of The Dead Hour, Dan Iske
  • 11:00pm DON’T PICK THE FLOWERS (dir. Matt Miller)
  • 11:10pm THE GROCERY (dir. Jake Hull)
  • 11:15pmĀ  LEGEND OF PINE ACRES (dir. Chad Bishoff)
  • 11:30pm Bobbie Boob performance
  • 12:00am THE SHADOW’S EDGE (dir. Jeremy Lubash)

Saturday, November 9th

  • 9:30am THE GRAND THEATRE: PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE (dir. Jim Pohl) –
  • 10:00am DEDICATION DAY (dir. Laurie Richards)
  • 11:00am A RIVER TAMED: NEBRASKA’S REPUBLICAN RIVER (dir. Becky McMillen)
  • 12:00pm BUGEATERS (dir. Jim Fields)
  • 1:00pm Bobbie Boob Performance (House Band)
  • 1:30pm TERRITORY 8 (dir. Kelley Schwarze)
  • 3:00pm THE ADVENTURES OF LOOP AND RHETT (dir. Michael Su)
  • 3:45pm THE CURTAIN CLOSES (dir. Mark Hoeger)
  • 4:00pm SYNDICATED (dir. Dominic Ciofalo)
  • 4:15pm FIRST KISS (dir. Charles Hood)
  • 4:20pm MISANDRY: A VALENTINE’S DAY STORY (dir. Daren Antonio Taylor)
  • 4:30pm SANDBOX MEMORIES (dir. Travis Enck)
  • 4:45pm THE GUY WHO CRIED WOLF (dir. Tyler Schmid)
  • 4:57pm LAZARUS NO.3 (dir. Todd Morten)
  • 5:00pm ONE WAY (dir. Alexander Jeffrey)
  • 6:30pm Bobbie Boob performance (House Band)
  • 7:00pm VINO VERITAS (dir. Sarah Knight)
  • 8:25pm SOLITUDE (dir. Kreg Gilson)
  • 8:30pm Dorothy Booraem and Chad Haufschild Q&A
  • 9:00pm HEARTLESS (world premiere)
  • 9:20pm BLOOD RITES (dir. Dorothy Booraem)
  • 11:00pm Bobbie Boob performance (House Band)
  • 11:30pm Q&A Cast and Crew of REMISSION
  • 12:00am REMISSION (Sneak Preview)

Sunday, November 10th

  • 9:00am THE BOARDER (dir. Jolene Adams)
  • 10:30am POWER SLIDE (dir. Steve Lustgarten)

This is going to be an amazing film festival filled with Nebraska writers, directors, actors, and crew members! Be sure to pre-order your weekends passes now for only $10 which includes a free popcorn, free soda, discounts at local restaurants and discounted lodging at nearby hotels!


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