Becky McMillen’s documentary A RIVER TAMED officially selected to the PLFF!


The PLFF is proud to announce the selection of Nebraska filmmaker Becky McMillen’s Republican river documentary A RIVER TAMED: NEBRASKA’S REPUBLICAN RIVER as an official selection of the festival! Here’s a synopsis:

Becky HeloA River Tamed, Nebraska’s Republican River.” The wild and unpredictable Republican River claimed over 100 lives in 1935. Just a few years later dams were built to control floodwaters and provide irrigation for agriculture. Ground water pumping and drought created friction between neighboring states as the waters in the river and reservoirs slowly decreased. Kansas filed suit against Nebraska and Colorado more than a decade ago. In 2009 the 10-year court battle between Nebraska and Kansas came to a head. This is the story of Nebraska’s fight to restore the flow to this historic river.

Be sure to come out and see this nifty documentary about an important Nebraskan river and check out the trailer below.

A River Tamed from Becky McMillen on Vimeo.


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