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Official Sponsor Announcement: Bonzai Beach Club/Wave Pizza/Necropolis Group!

bonzaiWe are stoked to announce that an amazing local restaurant/pizza joint, Bonzai Beach Club, is offering an incredible deal to weekend pass holders!

Not only will you get to try the best pizza in all of Nebraska courtesy of The Wave Pizza Company, but all weekend pass holders will receive 25% off their meals for the entire weekend! Bonzai is located just 2 blocks from the historic Grand Theatre, and trust us, the pizza is mouth watering!

The Prairie Lights Film Festival wants to extend our thanks to Brent Lidner for creating this incredible deal for festival patrons. Bonzai is part of the Necropolis Group, and we recommend that you check out all of the various businesses that are a part of it!

Passes are only $10! Order now to ensure you get this great deal!


World Premiere of Benito Garcia’s SOLITUDE to screen at the PLFF!

solitudeWe are extremely pleased and excited to announce that Benito Garcia’s SOLITUDE will have its world premiere at the PLFF! The plot of SOLITUDE can be summed up thusly:

“Everyone throws in the towel at some point, even those you don’t expect to.”

This is a film you are not going to want to miss! Huge thanks to Mr. Garcia and all of the cast and crew who are making this world premiere possible for us.  Come check it out exclusively at the PLFF this November!


Tyler Schmid’s THE GUY WHO CRIED WOLF to screen at the PLFF!

The PLFF is proud to announce that guest filmmaker Tyler Schmid will show his short film, THE GUY WHO CRIED WOLF, at the PLFF! Here’s the synopsis:

posterGuy Ragnar was going to be the next big survival show host, until his crew was slaughtered by a werewolf. Now the only thing that can keep Guy safe is a six shooter of a very special type of beer….

Mr. Schmid will also be on hand to do a Q&A to world premiere his newest feature length film, REMISSION, at the PLFF! Don’t miss it!



Jim Fields’ BUGEATERS to screen at the PLFF!

The PLFF is very excited to announce Jim Fields’ award winning documentary (Best Documentary 2011 Estes Park Film Festival) about the early days of Nebraska football, BUGEATERS! Here’s the description:

“Bugeaters” is a documentary about the early days of Nebraska football. This is the untold story of the first decade of Nebraska football, from 1890-1900, before the football team became known as “The Cornhuskers,” and were known by other names, including “The Bugeaters.” Written, directed, and produced by Jim Fields, “Bugeaters” features historic recreations using actors and animation, and also includes interviews with Nebraska football historians Mike Babcock, Mark Fricke, and David Harding, “Bugeaters” will premiere in Nebraska theatres in late July, 2011. For more information, please visit


Pre-Order 3 Day Weekend Passes for the PLFF!

plffThe Prairie Lights Film Festival (November 8th, 9th, and 10th at the historic Grand Theatre in Grand Island, Nebraska) is happy to announce that we are taking pre-orders for our weekend passes!

  • Cost: $10
  • Good for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
  • Comes with a voucher for a Free popcorn and Free soda!
  • You’ll get a sweet limited edition lanyard with PLFF artwork!
  • And random other secret goodies may appear for you at the box office…
  • All proceeds are donated to the Grand Theatre to organize more events in the future!

To make sure you get your pass with coupons , simply click the PayPal link below. You’ll be able to pick up your weekend pass at the box office of the Grand Theatre Friday, October 8th.

Order early, you never know what kinds of cool shwag you might receive! 🙂

Legend of Pine Acres will be part of the PLFF!

The Prairie Lights Film Festival is proud to announce Chad Bishoff’s LEGEND OF PINE ACRES short film will screen at the PLFF! The film centers around a group of campers terrorized by a slasher killer named Brandon.

PINE ACRES will screen as part of our Friday Night Horror Film block! We’ll have more information on that in the coming weeks! Congratulations to the cast and crew and get ready to be scared at the PLFF!



Misandry7Nebraska native Christina Marie Leonard wrote and starred in this short romantic comedy film starring herself and Nebraska actresses Lacey Hannan and Rachel Adams.

MISANDRY: A VALENTINE’S DAY STORY is about a young woman who hates romance.  She cannot stand to see anyone in love, but three friends pay her a visit on Valentines Day hoping to warm her heart and change her views on love.

Come check it out at the PLFF!


Period piece drama THE CURTAIN CLOSES to screen at the PLFF!

The Prairie Lights Film festival is happy to announce that THE CURTAIN CLOSES, directed by Mark Hoeger, will screen this year. The film, a loving ode to 70’s movies and music, was filmed at the old Stockyards 8 in South Omaha in late May/early June of 2012 in six days.

In 1977 Shawn Davis, the Assistant Manager of The Midland Cinema 6 movie theater, reflects back on the last three years – movies, cars and girls – when a .357 is in his face during a robbery.



Alexander Jeffery’s ONE WAY to screen at the PLFF!

onewayThe PLFF is happy to announce that Alexander Jeffery’s feature length film, ONE WAY, shot entirely in Lincoln, Nebraska, will screen at this year’s Prairie Lights Film Festival! Here’s a description of the film with a trailer linked below:

ONE WAY follows Stephen: a twenty-five year old trapped in the vices of his habitual lifestyle. After returning home from a meeting in Seattle, Stephen is eager for a new beginning – but first, he must face the past… This coming of age dramedy explores family, friendship and fingers (of the peanut butter and jelly variety).

Shot in just two weeks in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, “One Way” was made for a total of $6,000. “One Way” was shot in 4k on the Red Epic and Red Scarlet using primarily Zeiss CP.2 lenses.


One Way (Official Trailer) from Alexander Jeffery on Vimeo.


Sci-Fi Thriller TERRITORY 8 selected for the PLFF!

Territory 8 – Theatrical Trailer from Indie Film Factory on Vimeo.

We are very excited to announce our first Science Fiction film, TERRITORY 8, to the Prairie Lights Film Festival. Here’s some details on the film from lead actor, and Nebraskan native, Michael Tushaus:

World Premiered at the Vegas Indie Film Fest, Las Vegas, NV on May 1st, 2013. Starring Hastings College alum, Michael Tushaus, Territory 8 is an existential thriller set in the not so distant future, where an eight mile quarantine zone in the Nevada Desert, known as Territory 8, is the site of the world’s largest man-made disaster. Shortly after a chemical weapon explosion contaminated the area, two temperamental scientists, each with their own objectives, find themselves in the working on a cure for a biological weapon – that one of them created. As they work, they discover a sinister plot for human experimentation, and a band of hostile survivors who are looking to escape at any cost. They also must contend with the Chinese government, who wants access to the weapon, and has a possible spy in their midst. Now the scientists will have to work together to expose the truth, and stay alive. Territory 8 is a tale of intrigue, suspense, and international mystery, which sheds light on the public’s growing distrust of big industry, and its effects on our environment. This film also involved Nebraskans as supporting roles, camera department, and costume design.

This is a film you will not want to miss!