Guest Announcement: Patrick Rea of COUNTER PARTS, THE HOUR GLASS FIGURE, and TIME’S UP EVE to appear!

patrickPrairie Lights is pleased to announce that Nebraska born filmmaker Patrick Rea will once again be attending the film festival! Last year, Mr. Rea’s film NAILBITER opened the festival and this year, we’re pleased to be screening 3 of his fantastic short films: COUNTER PARTS, THE HOUR GLASS FIGURE, AND TIME’S UP EVE.

Mr. Rea will be part of a Q&A discussing his films. Be sure to get your weekend passes now!

World Premiere of the finished REMISSION to screen at Prairie Lights!

remission1We are super excited to announce the world premiere of Joshua Weixelman and Tyler Schmid’s feature length zombie/infected-tragedy REMISSION! Last year, Prairie Lights was given the opportunity to screen a work print of the film. Well, after taking the comments and suggestions of many PLFF viewers, the filmmakers have locked down the film and will be showing the finished version!

remissionposterThe Reverend Joseph Barnaby has lost everything. His family, his community, and all of the happiness that came with it.  He now wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland, searching. In a dangerous world where the Infected prey on the last vestiges of humanity, he finds a community of survivors holed up in an old, abandoned warehouse.  As the dangers from the outside world mount, he must fight to protect the people he loves…  but are the Infected the real danger?

Prairie Lights is honored to once again be offering viewers the chance to see this unique film. Shot in Lincoln, work print screened last year, and finished product this year! Get your weekend passes now to check out the film!


Dorothy Booraem’s SMOKE BREAK to screen at PLFF2

smokeWe’re pleased to announce that Lincoln filmmaker Dorothy Booraem will once again be joining the Prairie Lights Film Festival, this time with her short film SMOKE BREAK!

Cassie needs her smoke break. She really, really needs it. But there’s just one problem: no lighter. To find the flame she seeks Cassie lets down her guard only to discover that the one person holding a working lighter is also holding a grudge.  Smoke Break was shot in a Lincoln alley over a winter weekend with temps in the single digits. The actors and crew kept warm by burning their scripts and the shot list.

Come see it during the Short Film block of this year’s festival! Weekend passes are available now!


World Premiere of Chad Bishoff and Eric Dwight’s IMMORTAL DARKNESS to screen at PLFF2!

immortalSuper stoked to announce the world premiere of Chad Bishoff and Eric Dwight’s film noir, IMMORTAL DARKNESS,  will be seen at the PLFF! Here’s the details:

For months, Detective Jack McIntyre has been chasing drug dealer Vincent and his prostitute sister, Valerie.  After many hours on stakeout, Vincent is now behind bars.  Jack now relaxes and thinks about the past when there is a knock on the door.  It is the Valerie.  Is she there to turn herself in, or does she have alternative motives to seek revenge on Detective McIntyre?

The film stars Jeff Hoover and Tima Allmubarak and is directed by Chad Bishoff and written by Eric Dwight.

We are excited to offer Prairie Lights patrons the first chance to see this fantastic new Nebraska made film! How do you get to see this film? Why, by ordering a weekend pass, of course!


Summer Johnson’s M IS FOR MAKE BELIEVE to screen!

makePrairie Lights is excited to announce that Omaha director Summer Johnson’s short film M IS FOR MAKE BELIEVE will be screening this year! Here’s the details:

Two young girls stumble upon a dying man while playing make believe in the forest.

make2It was written, directed, filmed, produced, and performed by some of the most talented filmmakers/actors in Nebraska, featuring special effects by the amazing artists at Wetworks SFX Studios.  The film had the distinct honor of being one of the 6 jury selected finalists in the ABCs of Death 2 26th Director Contest (an international competition), showing the world what Nebraska filmmakers are made of!

We are excited to be bringing this fantastic short film which was viewed and voted on by thousands of people across the world! Be sure to order your passes now!


Counter Parts, The Hour Glass Figure, and Time’s Up Eve by Patrick Rea to screen at the PLFF2!

timesupeveThe Prairie Lights Film Festival will be counterpartsscreening three short films from Nebraska born director Patrick Rea! COUNTER PARTS, THE HOUR GLASS FIGURE, and TIME’S UP EVE will all be shown during the short film block. Each ranges from thriller, to horror, to film noir and we’re excited to be bringing each of them to central Nebraska viewers.

hourglassfigureThese are three award winning short films and we are honored that Mr. Rea will be submitting a number of fantastic films for our 2nd year, fresh off kickstarting the festival last year with his feature length film NAILBITER. Weekend passes are available now!



Alexander Payne’s NEBRASKA to screen at the Prairie Lights Film Festival!

The Prairie Lights Film Festival will be screening Alexander Payne’s Academy-Award nominated film NEBRASKA at this year’s festival! NEBRASKA will be one of two Alexander Payne films screened at the PLFF this year. Here’s the synopsis:

nebraskaNEBRASKA is a father and son road trip, from Billings, Montana to Lincoln, Nebraska that gets waylaid at a small town in central Nebraska, where the father grew up and has scores to settle. Told with deadpan humor and a unique visual style, it’s ultimately the story of a son trying to get through to a father he doesn’t understand.

The Prairie Lights Film Festival and the historic Grand Theatre are honored to be bringing this great film to the central Nebraska! Keep checking back for more information and the announcement of the 2nd Alexander Payne film that will be screening. Order your weekend passes now!


Michael Johnson’s BLACK LINES to screen at the PLFF!


The Prairie Lights Film Festival is proud to announce that Michael Johnson’s BLACK LINES will be screening during the Short Film Block! Here’s the info from the director:

BlackLinesAfter a shocking accident involving his lover, Neil, drag performer Lee Harris is haunted by dark visions that threaten to push him past the line of sanity. Black Lines is a labor of love for writer/director Michael Johnson and No Seatbelts Productions that took seven years to write and two arduous days to film. It was filmed entirely in Lincoln, NE with a Nebraska cast and crew. It premiered as an Official Selection of the 2014 Omaha Film Festival.

This is one of many short films that will be screening during our Short Film Block. We are excited to announce BLACK LINES as the first short film selected to the PLFF! Pre-order your tickets today!



Jake Hull’s comedy TRUNK’D to screen at PLFF2!

We’re pleased to announce that Nebraska native Jake Hull’s feature length comedy, TRUNK’D, will screen at this year’s PLFF!  Here’s some info from the film’s website:

trunkd_poster(S)“TRUNK’D” is a unapologetic road-trip comedy that involves four men driving from Nebraska to Texas to dispose of the body of a dead call girl whom they find unresponsive the morning after a bachelor party. The film was shot over a period of fifteen days in southeastern Nebraska. Actors in Trunk’d include an impressive roster of nationally known comedians and up and coming talent.

jakehullTRUNK’D won Best Picture and Best Director at the Laugh or Die Comedy Film Festival in Chicago.  The film also won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Lead Actor (Mike Leaman) at Tampa Bay’s Innovative Film Festival.

In addition, director Jake Hull will be a Special Guest and be participating in a Q&A session about the creation of the film!

We’re excited to bring this well regarded comedy to the patrons of the Prairie Lights Film Festival. Order your weekend passes now to get in on the action!

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